Why Do we exist?
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Perhaps because everything in the world is not good in either design OR technology. But we firmly believe that everything in the world could be good in design AND technology both.
thinkBOX design was started with the mission of developing things with difference. And we are on track with difference. We are creating a whole new culture and we're proud to be part of that today. We draw freely from the global aesthetic, but stay rooted in the local idiom. So our breadth is international, but our depths are wholly Indian.
We have both side of brain in place that’s why we cater logical, creative and innovative solutions. We believe in design as a living and technology as a breathing process. This is the attitude we bring to our every services we're involved with. Yet, we know that a philosophy can only give it a start but the solution must be grounded firmly in the realities of the marketplace. Our work is contained within a tight strategic framework and rendered with processes.
We team up with client to see the requirement/issues from their perspective. That’s why we say “lets think together… “. The outcome needs to be original but it also needs to create real value for our clients. That's when it goes out of our BOX


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